Unspeakable Times

10 Platonic Serial Killer Duos Who Enjoyed Killing Together

Killers sometimes come in twos. And while plenty of serial killer couples are made up of romantic pairs, some platonic serial killer duos have taken lives together too. Whether they were lethal friends, sisters, cousins, or co-workers, these murderers who killed together committed their vicious crimes for a number of different reasons. Some were motivated by financial gain, while others were sadists who enjoyed subjecting innocent victims to depraved acts.

Regardless of whether these killers had a type, or why they were driven to take lives, they became that much more disturbing when they began working in pairs. But their bloody acts couldn't go unnoticed by the authorities. Upon capture, some of these murderers committed suicide, died of natural causes behind bars, or were executed by the authorities. Others are still alive, and a couple of them have actually been released from prison.