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From Easter eggs of the smallest minutia to grand, sweeping conspiracy theories, these Breaking Bad fan theories truly leave no stone unturned. You won't find any bombastic, cheesy theories here - nearly every Breaking Bad fan has heard of the possibility that Jesse could be Walt's unknown, biological son. Yet is that actually plausible? Doubtful. The theories on this list earned their spots based on their high probability factors and factual merit. You'll even find theories that the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, has refuted (such as Walt freezing to death in his car and having a hallucinatory death fantasy dream), as well as fan theories and Easter eggs he's publicly confirmed (like a call back to another series he executive produced, The X-Files).

So scroll through the list and vote up the most plausible Breaking Bad Easter eggs and fan theories, and add your own in the comments. What happened to Jesse after the events in the series finale, "Felina"? What really caused Walt's cancer? Who is Walt Jr.'s actual biological father? Read on and find out what these theories have to say!

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Walt Adopts Character Traits from the People He's Killed

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Walt clearly does this - yet fans speculate whether this is a sign of Walt's remorse for killing, or if the writers are drawing attention to Walt's increasing willingness to adopt more Machiavellian traits (like ruthlessness and manipulation) from those he encounters in the criminal world, symbolized by his adaptation of their more innocuous traits. Throughout the series, we see him adopt Krazy 8's crust cutting, ask for a Scotch on the rocks a la Mike, and place a hand towel underneath his knees before vomiting, exactly as Gus had done in Mexico.

RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad says: "I guess that makes sense. The thing is that everyone develops traits from their actions. I think as his character kept growing, and became this monster."
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Jesse Redeems Himself, Ultimately "Breaking Good"

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Reddit user fuhqueue suggests, "A theory I have is that Jesse will end up happily married with two kids, while Walt will end up dying alone. Walt started out as a nice guy and broke bad, while Jesse started as 'a bad guy' and then gradually [became] more and more of a nice person with a heart. Meaning, at the end of the show, they will have switched places completely. And who knows, maybe Jesse will become a chemistry teacher, after everything Walt has taught him."

RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad says: "I don't know how about this. He did leave Walt to die, but he would have been in the same position too. I think in a way he has gone off to redeem himself, but he's super messed up."

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Gus and Max Were More Than Platonic Business Partners

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When Max gets shot in the head by Hector and Gus is thrown down next to him, the look the two share as Max is dying indicates that they had a much closer relationship than just mere business partners. The way Gus looks at Max (even before his death scene), their clear esteem for each other, and Gus's absence of a wife and family has lead many fans to speculate about Gus's sexuality.

RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad says: "OK then."

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Ted Beneke Is Walt Jr.'s Real Father

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According to this theory, the first time we see Skyler meet with Ted (in Season 2, Episode 7), Ted asks how Walt Jr. is doing. When Skyler explains that he's growing well, Ted says: "Good genes," and then chuckles to himself. Could this "good genes" joke and the knowing chuckle afterwards go beyond Ted simply complimenting Skyler and implying that Walt Jr. also shares his genes?

Skyler and Ted slept together in the past, so it is certainly possible that Walt Jr. is his biological son, depending on when the affair happened. Many fans have also pointed out that Walt Jr. has more of a resemblance to Ted than he does to Walt Sr.

RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad says: "You never know! She did get around a little bit." (Listen to more above)