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The Most Plausible Fan Theories About Breaking Bad

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From Easter eggs of the smallest minutia to grand, sweeping conspiracy theories, these Breaking Bad fan theories truly leave no stone unturned. You won't find any bombastic, cheesy theories here - nearly every Breaking Bad fan has heard of the possibility that Jesse could be Walt's unknown, biological son. Yet is that actually plausible? Doubtful. The theories on this list earned their spots based on their high probability factors and factual merit. You'll even find theories that the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, has refuted (such as Walt freezing to death in his car and having a hallucinatory fantasy dream), as well as fan theories and Easter eggs he's publicly confirmed (like a call back to another series he executive produced, The X-Files).

So scroll through the list and vote up the most plausible Breaking Bad Easter eggs and fan theories, and add your own in the comments. What happened to Jesse after the events in the series finale, "Felina"? What really caused Walt's cancer? Who is Walt Jr.'s actual biological father? 

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    Gale Botetticher Was a Sex Offender

    Photo: AMC

    What if the reason Gale (a chemist with an MS in organic chemistry) worked as a meth cook for a criminal organization was because his sordid history prevented him from being able to secure a position in regular society? Specifically, what if he was a registered sex offender?

    Botetticher's video,
     "Major Tom," had Thai subtitles, which implied that Gale had been to Thailand (which has a reputation for sex trading, especially sex workers who are minors) recently. We also see a flashback photo of him that looks an awful lot like a mugshot, not to mention Botetticher's oddly phrased comment to Walt: "Consenting adults want what they want. At least with me they’re getting exactly what they pay for."

    While Gale is an admitted libertarian (he has no moral qualms with cooking meth), this theory still works.

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    Gus and Max Were More Than Platonic Business Partners

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    When Max gets shot in the head by Hector and Gus is thrown down next to him, the look the two share as Max is dying indicates that they had a much closer relationship than just mere business partners. The way Gus looks at Max (even before his death scene), their clear esteem for each other, and Gus's absence of a wife and family has lead many fans to speculate about Gus's sexuality.

    RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad says about the fan theories, "OK then."

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    The Basis of the Entire Show Was Marty Robbins's Song, "El Paso"

    Video: YouTube

    According to one fan's theory, the basis of the entire show is the song "El Paso" by Marty Robbins, about a gunslinger and a girl named Felina. The series finale is even titled "Felina" and a Marty Robbins cassette tape of the song is in Walt's car, playing as he pulls away from the bar in the opening.

    The plot of the series follows the happenings of the song too closely to simply be a coincidence, with the character of Felina representing Walt's blue meth and unexpected love for his new identity.

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    "Breaking Bad" Happened in the Same Universe as "The Walking Dead"

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    One fan theory proposes that Breaking Bad is a prequel to The Walking Dead, going so far as to suggest that the blue meth could be the root cause of the zombie apocalypse.

    A few pieces of evidence:
    1) Walt’s signature blue meth is visible in Merle’s stash bag in the second season of The Walking Dead. 
    2) Daryl tells Beth that his brother’s old dealer is “a janky little white guy” who says “I’m gonna kill you, bitch.” 
    3) Lest we forget, the iconic red Dodge Charger makes an appearance in both shows.

    RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad says: "I would love it because my character is still alive. I"d love to fight some zombies."

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