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The Best PlayStation Characters

Updated May 18, 2020 12.1k votes 2.1k voters 15.3k views49 items

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The original PlayStation may come down as one of the most influential game consoles in the history of gaming. Many console series that are considered institutions in gaming have begun during this console's era. Through it, there have been a number of iconic characters who got their start right here. When we take a look back, it's somewhat crazy how many major video game characters began. 

This list has compiled many of those characters who got their start on PS, and were largely exclusive to the system. (If they got a port a decade later, that still means it was exclusive at the time it was initially released; PC/Mac doesn't count either.) This list runs the complete gauntlet of genres, from classic RPGs like Final Fantasy VII, and the progenitors of the survival horror genre, Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

This also includes long-dormant series that you've probably forgotten about, such as Syphon Filter (which hasn't been around since 2007). So take a look down memory lane, and check out all the different games and characters that you've grown up with, or haven't played with in years! (Maybe it's time to dust off an emulator and start up a new game?)