Plot Holes That Ruin Your Favorite Video Games
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Plot Holes That Ruin Your Favorite Video Games

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While video games don't require a great story to be fun, an engrossing narrative is always appreciated. Because of this, plot holes in video games — especially when discovered in games that feature an overall interesting story — have the unique ability to sour an otherwise enjoyable experience. 

Inconsistencies in video games are nothing new; when a single piece of content has hundreds of creators, it's easy for a few narrative mistakes to go overlooked. However, when a game's story actually manages to come off as emotionally gripping, it's all the more disappointing when the writers fail to patch a glaring plot hole. 

Unanswered questions from video games leave countless fans frustrated, and can cause highly anticipated titles to crash and burn upon release. In the worst case scenario, a plot hole will reveal itself in the final installment of a series, providing players with a letdown that took dozens of hours to unfold. While some games with plot holes can still be fun, once these major issues have caught your attention, they can be hard to unsee.