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Plumbers Reveal The Craziest Things They've Ever Found In Clogged Drains

Updated April 28, 2020 458.4k views18 items

You'll think twice before flushing when you see this bizarre list - where plumbers reveal things they've found clogging drains. If you thought plumbers only dealt with hair, feces, and loose tampons, you may need to take a plumbing snake to your imagination. Once you discover the many gross things clogging drains, you'll realize anything goes - down the drain, that is. The wide range of products found clogging drains will cause you to wonder what the hell people do in their bathrooms and toilets. People throw away weird stuff, and sometimes their crap makes it into a place used for actual crap.

When it comes to gross things clogging drains, the sky - and the circumference of the drain pipe - seems to be the limit. Bodily fluids, animals, clothes, riches - yup, even heart-shaped diamonds, literally, all get flushed. The plumbers of Reddit provide a slightly upsetting look into humanity's infrastructures and souls by answering the question, "What's the weirdest thing a plumber has removed from a drain?" When some people flush stuff, they do it royally.

  • Two Basic Necessities

    From anonymous

    "Not me, but I once complained about a toilet in my company's building that kept cycling between flooding and not getting water at all. They took it apart and found another person's driver's license and a yo-yo." 

  • This Came From A Different Set Of Tubes...

    From ballgame09

    "Not me but an old-timer I used to work with, and the drain technically wasn't clogged. He said they were cutting into the main drain for an apartment complex to add some sort of fitting. When they removed the section of pipe after cutting, it a fetus fell out. Cops were called and the job was shut down for awhile. He said he doesn't think they ever found out whose it was."

  • Not-So-Sanitary Towel

    From munchkingrl:

    "Not a plumber, but I married one. Lots of pads, tampons, and diapers.

    Don't flush sanitary products! You'd think the signs in every public toilet saying, 'Don't flush sanitary products' would clue people in that maybe flushing your super overnight extra-long pad isn't the best plan.

    My husband was going to one house with two women living in it a couple times a year because of a clog of used pads. Every time he'd tell them not to flush pads. One of the women said the pads are 'too gross' so that's why they flush them."

  • Her Way Or No Way

    From sharonpeters69

    "Not a plumber, but shortly after moving in to our new house we noticed that all of the drains were clogged. Must be the main, so I rented a snake from Home Depot. Busted through a few clogs, and retracted the snake. At the end was a tangled up pair of 'Hanes Her Way' pink panties, size 48."