Plumbers Reveal The Craziest Things They've Ever Found In Clogged Drains

You'll think twice before flushing when you see this bizarre list - where plumbers reveal things they've found clogging drains. If you thought plumbers only dealt with hair, feces, and loose tampons, you may need to take a plumbing snake to your imagination. Once you discover the many gross things clogging drains, you'll realize anything goes - down the drain, that is. The wide range of products found clogging drains will cause you to wonder what the hell people do in their bathrooms and toilets. People throw away weird stuff, and sometimes their crap makes it into a place used for actual crap.

When it comes to gross things clogging drains, the sky - and the circumference of the drain pipe - seems to be the limit. Bodily fluids, animals, clothes, riches - yup, even heart-shaped diamonds, literally, all get flushed. The plumbers of Reddit provide a slightly upsetting look into humanity's infrastructures and souls by answering the question, "What's the weirdest thing a plumber has removed from a drain?" When some people flush stuff, they do it royally.

  • A Relationship Killer

    From Drunk_Grandpa

    "We were pumping out a septic tank and when we took the lid off there were a bunch of condoms floating on top of the cake. No one else lived there but a man and his wife — and apparently he didn't use condoms. He left, she cried and paid us when we were done." 


    From bernardtheplubmer

    "I have taken many foreign objects from sewers. Here is a small list without the accompanying story: Human body parts (funeral home trying to save money, they are allowed to flush liquids including blood), a cat, many rats, loads of toiletries including toothbrushes, maxi pads and tampons, q-tips, toilet rolls and their holders, etc.

    All the normal things, like too much paper, fecal matter, roots. Things that you think should go down but shouldn't: paper towels, flushable wipes, diapers (big and small), ripped newspaper, paper from books. At laundromats I have taken out clothes, cloth napkins, safety pins. I have taken out loads of coffee grinds, stirrers, used sugar packets, food, not digested food that people have flushed— soups, stews, bread, beef and chicken parts, wrappers. Things that fall into sewer clean outs, like rocks, garden items, things that kids throw in, including toys (they find their way threw toilets as well)."

  • Huge Chunks Of Frozen Turds

    From Mookie802

    "I worked as a plumber's apprentice for a while. My boss was a big guy and couldn't fit into small spaces. We went to this really old house once, and he had me crawl into this crawl space under the foundation that was covered in rat sh*t and jungle-sized spiders, with hot dripping pipes just above me. He had to dig a hole at the edge of the house so he could pass me a saw through it since I couldn't fit one with me down in the crawl space, and use it to cut through an ancient cast-iron sh*t pipe that was apparently clogged. As I cut through it I had sparks and literal sh*t flying all over my face. Turns out the clog was just frozen turds, huge chunks of frozen turds. The best part of this story is that when I was down in that crawl space laying in rat sh*t with people sh*t on my face, my phone rang and it was the college I had applied to letting me know I was accepted!"

  • Tampons, Dead Rats, And Cash

    From nitrokermit321

    "My husband's a plumber: it's usually tampons, tampons and more tampons. Dead rats too.

    I also forgot to mention the times he goes into retirement homes for plugged toilets, usually its from a dementia patient who flushes their adult diaper down the toilet somehow.

    Another plumber in the family unclogged a toilet at a Starbucks, found hundreds of dollars in cash shoved down there. Turns out a bank robber locked himself in the bathroom earlier that day and tried flushing all the cash down the toilet to hide it." 

  • Two Basic Necessities

    From anonymous

    "Not me, but I once complained about a toilet in my company's building that kept cycling between flooding and not getting water at all. They took it apart and found another person's driver's license and a yo-yo." 

  • This Came From A Different Set Of Tubes...

    From ballgame09

    "Not me but an old-timer I used to work with, and the drain technically wasn't clogged. He said they were cutting into the main drain for an apartment complex to add some sort of fitting. When they removed the section of pipe after cutting, it a fetus fell out. Cops were called and the job was shut down for awhile. He said he doesn't think they ever found out whose it was."