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If you've ever been to a comic book convention (like the wildly popular Comic-Con in San Diego), you've probably seen the hordes of super fans dressed up like their favorite comic book, movie, and TV show characters in the practice known as "cosplay." While some outfits are as simple as something you'd buy at Wal-Mart for Halloween, the more experienced cosplayers make elaborate costumes worthy of their own starring role in a Hollywood production. For some women, however, the choice of female characters tends to be on the, shall we say, "light" side. As in slim. Most of the choices for female cosplayers are skinny bitches. There. Said it.

When it comes to cosplaying, all women were not created equal and there just happen to be some costumes that are a better fit for plus sized women. This isn't to say that a bigger girl CAN'T wear a Wonder Woman one piece, there are just simply SOME women who would rather dress up without showing off all the parts their maker gave 'em. For those women, there is this list of plus size cosplay costume ideas. Female cosplay ideas! Plus size cosplay ideas!

What are some good costumes for plus sized women? What are popular plus size cosplay costumes? What are the best cosplay ideas for plus sized ladies? This list of costume ideas for big girls includes some of the best Comic-Con outfits AND some costumes for every day (read: party) use. This list of cosplay ideas for bigger women is far from exhaustive, but it's a good start if you're thinking about cosplaying without letting all your business hang out.

check out these cosplay ideas for girls and grown ladies who might be a little on the heavier side.
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