Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous Plus Size Models

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Plus Size Model

The hottest plus size models based in (or from) the U.S.

A plus size model is anywhere from a size 6/8 and up. Yes, these are what plus size models look like. Gorgeous.

I'd give a thumbs up to everyone (I made the list, after all) but feel free to give thumbs up to as many models as you think deserve it!!!!! I know there are some veteran models missing from the list (i.e. Emme, Barbara Brickner, Natalie Laughlin) - and they certainly paved the way but this list is based on models who are currently active in the industry as models.

Finally - it's NOT a competition. :) Give a thumbs up as much as possible. I wish I could block the thumbs down feature because it's not a contest - this is simply a list to highlight how beautiful the women in the plus modeling industry are.