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Amy Boal
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On July 11, 2015, NASA's interplanetary space probe New Horizons sent back a pretty cool image of dwarf planet Pluto - just one of many revealing pictures of everyone's favorite demoted planet. This photo intrigued scientists and space enthusiasts alike due to the distinct surface markings it showed, most notably the four circular(ish) spots along the bottom border of the visible surface. What are Pluto's spots? Why are they so dark? What are they made of and why are they there?

Perhaps these and more mysteries of Pluto will be revealed in due time, but for now, what's most important is that we decide which of the Pluto dark spots are the best. Is it the strong and most shapely one on the far left? Is it the creative and sassy second spot, with its unique shape? Or is it the darkest and most mysterious spot, that one on the far right that you can barely even see?

Cast your votes for the best Pluto spots below and take a moment to think about how Pluto's moon, Charon, has a dark spot at its pole, and whether Jupiter's red spot is even that impressive anymore, now that these four cuties are in your life.

All photo credits go to NASA, because who else is even capable of this kind of photography?
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Photo:  NASA
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Dark Spot #1

Bold and in charge, leading the team of mysterious dark spots. Farthest to the left in this hot pic snapped by New Horizons, this dark spot is definitely the big guy on the block.
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Photo:  NASA
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Dark Spot #4

Oh, you little devil, #4. The brat of the family who couldn't even be bothered to smile for the photo. Mom is going to be so mad. What are you doing over there, little guy? Why don't you come out and play?
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Photo:  NASA
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Dark Spot #3

#3 is playing hard to get, revealing just enough of its dark and mysterious self to get New Horizons interested. But will it ever call after the first date?
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Photo:  NASA
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Dark Spot #2

Maybe the art student of the family? A unique shape and innovative design to this second spot from the left just reeks of creativity. Vaguely circular? No thanks! This spot knows its true identity looks kind of like a capital "I" with a little dot next to it. Do you, Dark Spot #2.