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True crime podcasts are popular all over the world, and one case in particular has captivated hosts and listeners alike; the death of Kathleen Peterson, and the trial of her husband, Michael Peterson. In 2001, Kathleen was found unconscious at the bottom of a staircase. What first looked to be an accident was soon determined to be something more sinister.

After years of investigations and trials, Michael Peterson entered an Alford plea to the charge of manslaughter. Despite this resolution, many questions remain. The BBC dedicated an entire podcast to the case of Michael Peterson, and Netflix made the case famous with its documentary series The Staircase. HBO also has its own version of The Staircase with Colin Firth portraying Michael Peterson and Toni Colette playing Kathleen Peterson, and of course, there was an episode of Forensic Files about the case, called, "A Novel Idea."

With an owl theory swirling around it, and a similar death occurring to another person close to Michael Peterson, it's no wonder why this case has been the subject of so many podcast episodes. Popular true crime podcast My Favorite Murder dedicated their 100th episode to the murder - or accidental death - of Kathleen Peterson.

Was Michael Peterson guilty or innocent? That's up for debate, but you can help determine which Kathleen Peterson podcast episode is the best by voting up your favorites.

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    The Crime Lounge

    Episode: "The Death of Kathleen Peterson"

    Episode summary: Best friends Kat and Jac break down the most buzz-worthy true crime cases with The Crime Lounge podcast. Their very first episode examines the death of Kathleen Peterson with special detail placed on the information found in Michael Peterson's book, Behind The Staircase.

    Length: 1:15:58

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    Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

    Episode: "Owl Theory"

    Episode summary: Beyond Reasonable Doubt? spent an entire 16-episode series dissecting the case of Michael Peterson. From introducing viewers to Michael and Kathleen Peterson to Kathleen's shocking death to Michael's trial, this series takes an in-depth approach to reporting every detail. The series even released new episodes following the popularity of Netflix's docu-series, The Staircase.

    Length: 17:27

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    Rotten Mango

    Episode: "The Sinister Staircase (Case of Michael & Kathleen Peterson)"

    Episode summary: Stephanie Soo uses her sweet disposition and a little bit of humor to deal with the dark topic of true crime on the Rotten Mango podcast. The “Sinister Staircase” episode finds Soo feeling more uncertain about the case the more she examines it. If you have a lot of questions about the guilt or innocence of Peterson, this deep dive is a great place to start with this case.

    Length: 2:03:00

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    The Generation Why Podcast

    Episode: "Death of Kathleen Peterson 1"

    Episode summary: OG true crime podcasters Aaron and Justin of Generation Why take an analytical approach to examining the death of Kathleen Peterson, and the portrayal of the events in the Netflix series, The Staircase. The hosts often bring up other true crime cases to make comparisons to how they were investigated.

    Length: 57:50

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    Episode: Animal Instincts

    Episode summary: The very first episode of Criminal focused on the curious case of Kathleen Peterson's death. The Peterson's neighbor, Larry Pollard, has his own idea of what happened, and how an owl may be involved in the tragedy. Phoebe Judge hosts this calm, thorough, and thoughtful examination of the case.

    Length: 20:59

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    My Favorite Murder

    Episode:The 100th Episode”'

    Episode summary: My Favorite Murder co-hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark celebrated the 100th episode of their popular podcast by unpacking all the twists and turns of the trial of Michael Peterson, who was accused of murdering his wife, Kathleen. The hosts bounce ideas and theories off of each other, creating a conversational approach to podcasting that makes you feel like you are discussing the case with friends.

    Length: 95:00

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