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The Best Podcasts for Nerds

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There are so many geeky podcasts floating around, it can be hard to know which ones are up your alley. If you’re seeking new podcasts for nerds, then this list has you taken care of. Whether you’re a nerd for TV shows from the '90s, comic books, science fiction, or true crime, there are plenty of nerdy podcasts on here for you to listen to in between games of D&D. Some of these podcasts might even help you out with your next move. You can even listen to D&D podcasts while playing D&D. Put your earbuds in and take a gander at this list of the best podcasts for nerds. 

With so many different types of nerds out there, the podcasts nerds listen to can fit under such a huge umbrella that you can bet that almost anything you’re interested in has a couple of people talking into a microphone about it. Not all podcasts that are nerdy sound the same way. Some are mucho informational, while others are goofy and fun. And some manage to combine humor and intelligence in ways that are guaranteed to blow minds. If you’ve been looking for ideas about new podcasts to listen to, this list of nerd podcasts should keep you busy.

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