The Best Meaningful Poems For A Mother's Funeral  

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The emotions you experience when you lose a parent can feel impossible to articulate, which is why many turn to poetry to help express themselves at a funeral. Loss of mother poems, or just poems about motherhood in general, can provide a touching tribute during a memorial. Over the years, many poets, from classic writers like William Yeats to more contemporary writers, have penned works about their moms. Below, you'll find a collection of funeral poems appropriate for a mother's send off. 

There are many poems for deceased mothers, written by the bereaved, that may help you express feelings of both gratitude and sorrow. In "Your Clothes," for example, Judith Kroll uses her mother's clothing as a metaphor for her lost mom's memory. However, not all poems for funerals for mothers have to address death explicitly. Some of the below poetry, like "What I Learned From My Mother" by Julia Kasdorf, talk about gaining invaluable wisdom from a mother. Others, like "Another Poem For Mothers" by Erin Belieu, talk about the importance of moms in general. 

If you're in need of a good poem, browse this list. Be sure to vote up the most touching tributes to motherhood as well to help other readers in search of a funeral poem. 

What I Learned From My Mother

By Julia Kasdorf


I learned to believe I had the power to ease 
awful pains materially like an angel. 
Like a doctor, I learned to create 
from another’s suffering my own usefulness, and once 
you know how to do this, you can never refuse. 

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The Courage That My Mother Had

By Edna St. Vincent Millay 


The courage that my mother had
Went with her, and is with her still:
Rock from New England quarried;
Now granite in a granite hill.

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Thanking My Mother for Piano Lessons

By Diane Wakoski


     I want to thank
my mother for working and always paying for
my piano lessons
before she paid the Bank of America loan
or bought the groceries
or had our old rattling Ford repaired.

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Rock Me to Sleep

By Elizabeth Akers Allen


Mother, dear mother, the years have been long 
Since I last listened your lullaby song: 
Sing, then, and unto my soul it shall seem 
Womanhood’s years have been only a dream. 
Clasped to your heart in a loving embrace, 
With your light lashes just sweeping my face, 
Never hereafter to wake or to weep;—      
Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep!

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