25 Pieces of Hyper-Detailed Pokemon Anatomy Fan Art

Have you ever realized how little you actually know about Pokemon? No matter how many Pokemon you've caught, you probably don't have a precise idea of what's going on with Pokemon biology. What do Pokemon look like on the inside? What makes these crazy little dudes tick, or rather what would if they were actual creatures?

Artist Christopher Stoll has answered the call to find out via a serires of amazing Pokemon anatomy art pieces that he's shared with the world through DeviantArt. Not only does Stoll appear to be a fan of all things Pokemon, he's a talented artist who has put his talent and imagination to work to give fans a peek at what Pokemon are made of. 

It's even more fun than fan art of Pokemon as people, so check out his adorable fan art of Pokemon anatomy below and vote  up the anatomical Pokemon art that best illustrates what's happening inside pocket monsters.