30 Pokemon Drawn As Garfield, Just Because

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There is nothing quite as joyous and imaginative as a collection of great pop culture mashups, and only a truly great mind could combine the likes of Pokémon and Garfield. Artist Shawn Bowers’s latest project, Garfémon, does just that. The collection of Garfield-like Pokémon fan art is truly just as strange as it is downright amazing.

Sharing his work via Tumblr and his Instagram, Bowers takes the mashup concept further than the usual artist. While the visual appeal of this unique Pokémon fan art collection is absolutely captivating on its own, the so-called “Garfédex” entries make the experience even more fun by exchanging the usual Pokémon entries in exchange for more Garfield-esque descriptions. Just don't expect these Pokémon to battle, especially on Mondays.