18 Awesome Pokemon Mashups With Disney Movies

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Can't get enough Disney or Pokémon? Well then, this list is just for you. Below you'll find Disney/Pokémon mash-up art that will seriously blow you away. From Pokémon as Disney characters to Disney princesses matched with their Pokémon teams, the fan art included on here is truly something to feast both your eyes. Be sure to vote up the art that you think is the perfect match for these two animations, and vote down the ones that don't fit together too well.

The sky's the limit with this list, covering a span of classic Disney films, new and old, and every Pokémon character and game ever created. So whether you're looking for something to wind down with after a long day of Poké-hunting, or just wondering what your favorite Disney films look like as a crossover with Pokémon, you can find it all on this list!

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

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    Shiny Umbreon Stars In Tron

    Shiny Umbreon Stars In Tron
    Photo: finni / DeviantArt

    Shiny Umbreon's black and blue color scheme makes it a perfect match for finni's digital recreation of a Tron poster.

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    Bambi Xerneas

    Recognize the pose? It's a super cute baby Xerneas mimicking Disney's Bambi by Hime--Nyan

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    For The Birds Meets Pokemon

    The Disney short For the Birds and Pokémon characters are wonderfully mashed up in this digital painting by LynxGriffin.

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    The Pokemon Fox And The Hound

    The two title characters of The Fox and the Hound as Ninetails and Houndoom awesomely remade by kat-katina.

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    Hakuna Rattata

    Hakuna Rattata
    Photo: vaporotem

    Fantastic job recreating this iconic scene from The Lion King by vaporotem on DeviantArt. Follow them on Twitter!

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    Snow White And The Seven Pikachus

    Snow White And The Seven Pikachus
    Photo: Pinterest

    Snow White's dwarf friends have been replaced by seven Pikachus in this awesome revamp of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

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