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15 Strange Pokemon Evolutions That Barely Make Any Sense

May 5, 2021 4.9k votes 496 voters 30.3k views15 items

The world of Pokemon is a wonderful, fantastical one that's full of amazing things...and it's also full of things that make no sense whatsoever. One of those things is evolution. While the transition from some Pokemon to their evolved forms make perfect sense, in other cases, logic goes right out the window. 

Many of the Pokemon evolutions that don't make sense are confusing because they don't look anything alike. How does the sleek and elegant Dragonair turn into the silly-looking Dragonite? But in other cases, the visuals are on point, but something else doesn't quite add up. Marowak might look like a straight shot from Cubone, but the Pokedex says that all Cubone turn into Marowak when they move on from losing their mother. That brings us to the nonsense proposal that every single Cubone on earth has a deceased mother, which is absurd. Whatever the reason, the evolutions on this list defy logic. 

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    Remoraid to Octillery

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    Why does an archerfish turn into an octopus? This clearly makes no sense from a 'species consistency' perspective. The reason isn't their species, but the fact that Remoraid is loosely modelled after a gun, while Octillery is based on a tank. The weapons upgrade makes sense, but it would have worked a lot better if Remoraid were a smaller, gun-based Octopus instead. 

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    Clamperl to Huntail & Gorebyss

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    Why does a clam evolve into one of two eels? Nobody knows, but that's just what happens when Clamperl turns into either Huntail or Gorebyss. The real world typically doesn't involve such dramatic species swapping, but in the world of Pokemon, anything goes. 

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    Dragonair to Dragonite

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    Dratini is a little blue snakelike dragon. Dragonair is a larger, more elegant blue snakelike dragon. One might expect that pattern to continue, but it doesn't. Instead, the final evolution, Dragonite, is a gigantic orange dragon with all the elegance of a pumpkin.

    This was definitely not what most people were anticipating, but hey, at least this evolutionary line helped to establish Pokemon's tendency to throw curveballs.  

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    Shelmet & Karrablast to Escavalier & Accelgor

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    In order to obtain Escavalier and Accelgor, two trainers must trade Karrablast and Shelmet, which will evolve when the trade is complete.

    This is a fun game mechanic, but how does it translate into the biological reality of these creatures? Karrablast's Pokedex entries say that it evolves through electrical stimulation that it gets when attacking Shelmet. If that's the case, would evolve through battling Shelmet, not by being traded for it.

    Some of the entries just say that they have to be together, but this still happens even when the trade is long distance and both are in Pokeballs. The Dex entries also explicitly say that no one has any idea why this happens. 

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