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These Artists Imagine Pokémon Battles As You've Never Seen Them Before

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Fan art of Pokémon battles is even better than the real thing. Well, the real, fictional thing, at any rate. Regardless, the passion of these wildly skilled fanatics shines through in these intricate, stunning, and often realistic versions of Pokémon battles.

The source material is such a fun one to work with because it offers a wide array of characters and a kaleidoscope of color. That, coupled with the vision and imagination of the artists recreating Pokémon battles, results in some wickedly cool imagery.

Some of the most stunning pieces are those that depict the little guys—Pikachu and Eevee, for example—taking behemoths like Mega Charizard or Gyarados. Let's just say the small fries can hold their own too. You might want to don your eclipse sunglasses for this list of the best Pokémon battle fan art because it's bright and eye-popping. 

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    That Trainer Needs To Get The Fudge Out Of There

    Stuff is about to go DOWN in kilara's beautifully and meticulously depicted battle.

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    Hopefully Dude's Got Something Good In That Pokeball

    Penator's realistic depiction of Mega Charizard X is BAAADAAAAASSSS! Poor little Pikachu in the corner better have some serious backup in that Pokéball.

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    A Classic Showdown

    This three-way battle between Feraligatr, Typhlosion, and Meganium, by silverava, is just bursting with life.

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    Cuddle Monster Championship: Snivy Vs. Oshawott

    Artist mattandrews's 4D design is super cool, and those pocket monsters are too adorable.

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