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The Pokémon franchise has been going strong since the American release of Red and Blue way back in 1998. Since then, the world has seen over six generations of Pokémon, countless remakes, and a grand total of over 800 Pokémon. Launching alongside the Gameboy titles was the critically acclaimed anime, Pokémon: The Original Series. As of July 2017, there have been at least six different generations and fourteen different seasons, totaling almost 1,000 episodes (and counting!). Following the popularity of the games and anime, fourteen different Pokémon films have been made.

With so much media to dig through, it's totally understandable that there are so many Pokémon fan theories and conspiracy theories. So many mysteries remain unsolved, including questions about the original duo, Ash Kethcum and Pikachu! Well, get your tinfoil hats ready, because this list is going to dive into some of the weirdest Pokémon fan theories you've ever heard. 

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Ash Never Grows Up

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Reddit user KokoaKuroba discovered a clue that might explain why Ash is permanently 10 years old. In the first episode of the original Pokémon anime, Ash encounters the legendary Pokémon, Ho-oh. The PokeDex entry for Ho-oh says, "Anyone seeing [Ho-oh] is promised eternal happiness." 

KokoaKuroba believes that eternal happiness for Ash is being on a permanent Pokémon journey as a 10-year-old. 

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Poké Balls Use Quantum Mechanics To Convert Pokémon To Light

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Nerd alert! Reddit user nameless88 came up with a very detailed and complex theory about how Poké Balls could use quantum mechanics to convert Pokémon to light and store them as data. Essentially, "Pokémon convert matter to energy, Poké Balls exploit this in them and force this change to occur, storing them as data and light.

There's some actual science in the show that backs it up." 

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You Play As The Rival In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Not The Protagonist

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Reddit user ShinyBreloom2323 has a great theory on why Sun and Moon feel a little different from other titles in the series. Hau is typical of the protagonist that you'd normally play in Pokémon titles - he is "bland, and seems to revolve around a single trait." He starts with a Pikachu, which is how Red and Ash (both protagonists) got started. He also always arrives later than you, meaning you get to a location first. This means you're more similar to the rivals like Wally and Silver. ShinyBreloom2323 explains:

"Hau isn't an obstacle to you. You are an obstacle to Hau. When you finally reach the Pokémon League, you're ahead of him. You've completed the Pokémon League in the same manner as Blue and surpassed him. You play the role of a stereotypical rival; and Hau plays the role of a stereotypical protagonist. [...] It's one of the reasons you find his jolly nature so insufferable. You've been that way every other game, so Sun is a change of pace due to his more adamant role in the scheme of things. You, unlike Hau, have multiple choices to choose from and more emotion to express."

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Ash Isn't Pikachu's First Trainer

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Reddit user Oufour put together a very detailed and well-sourced theory on why Pikachu likely had another trainer before Ash. Think about it - they have a rocky start because Pikachu is too unruly for him to train. Pikachu has a unique Poké Ball that fans rarely see because someone must have let him roam free all the time, which is why he's always out walking around with the gang.

The list goes on, but the community seems to agree this one's pretty likely. 

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