Pokémon Fan Artists Predicted What The Gen 9 Starter Evolutions Would Look Like

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Vote up your favorite fan-made Gen 9 starter evolutions.

With every new Pokémon game comes new starter Pokémon and their evolutions. Why is this a huge deal? Hardcore fans usually decide on what starter they'll choose based on what the base Pokémon looks like, but what sets the decision in stone is what their evolutions end up being!

In anticipation for the release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, fans made predictions on what the Gen 9 starter evolutions would look like. Most artists did it for fun and put their own spin on the evolutions while others liked to see how close their design was to the canon evolution. 

Here are some creative takes on what fans thought the Gen 9 starter evolutions would look like! Vote up your favorite Fakémon and let everyone know which fake evolutions deserve to be canon.