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Twitter Reacts To The Pokémon Shield And Sword Starter Announcement 

Louis Patterson
Updated June 2, 2019 256 votes 56 voters 1.6k views 20 items

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On the 23rd anniversary of the original Pokémon Red and Blue games' release, Nintendo once again graced fans who aspire to be the very best with the announcment of Pokémon Generation 8. In addition to unveiling Pokémon Sword and Shield, creators showed off all three of the new starter Pokémon - Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey - and fans have a lot of feelings. 

Anyone who's played a Pokémon game before will tell you choosing a starter is not an easy task. Your favorite starter Pokémon says a lot about what you're like as a person, and you'll probably be relying on your chosen partner all the way through the inevitable Elite Four battle in the game's final moments. While Nintendo has added some dumb new Pokémon to past installments, so far reactions to the new starters have been overwhelmingly positive.

Soon after the announcement, Pokémon Gen 8 fan art and speculation started flying around Twitter, and even the people who poke fun at the new creatures' designs still seem genuinely enthused to play Sword and Shield. Vote up the reactions that best capture your feelings about the new starters. 

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