Who Should Be Your Partner Pokémon Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Pokémon trainers have spent the better part of the last 20 years contemplating their top six, but out of every elite lineup there's that one Pokémon you love and adore more than anything else. These partner Pokémon have stuck with us from the beginning, and have given us more than a few teary-eyed moments if we get all sentimental about the anime - which let's be honest, we definitely do. So, who should your Pokémon partner be? There are 151 in just the original bunch, so the choice is pretty overwhelming. 

We’ve already contemplated which Pokémon Disney princesses or Batman villains would choose (obviously the Riddler loves Missingo, the world's favorite glitch). As any good psychic Pokémon would tell you, you can also pick your Pokémon based on the zodiac. Your star sign says a whole lot about your personality and what you need to bring to (the Pokémon) battle. And no, every Cancer out there shouldn't catch a Krabby, even if they're a Water sign.

Here's what Pokémon should be your partner based on your Zodiac sign - and if you're doubly into gaming, be sure to check out these Overwatch characters drawn as Pokémon next. 


  • Aries - Charizard (March 21-April 19)
    Photo: Pokémon / The Pokémon Company

    Anyone who's seen Pokémon knows Charizard is a wildly stubborn force to be reckoned with. Hello, Aries - that sounds just like you. Charizard is among the most powerful fire Pokémon, but it's also totally prone to advancing faster than its trainer, which causes it to not listen even if it means getting hurt.

    Though Aries is one of the most stubborn signs, they've also got admirable chutzpah, unbridled courage, and the clear ability to lead. According to Ash's Pokédex, Charizard isn’t too different. Its flame burns brightest during intense battles when most of us would cower in fear – just like an Aries.

  • Taurus – Geodude (April 20 – May 20)
    Photo: Pokémon / The Pokémon Company

    Taurus, you are hard-working as all get-out. You're patient and you're persistent. This is why you're a perfect match for Geodude. Is there a Pokémon more persistent and unyielding than this little ball of rock? This cute little guy pops up every 30 seconds to challenge you to a battle when you're just trying to get through a cave and on to the next city. If that's not persistent, what is?

    Geodude also works well with your careful dedication. As a tiny, young Pokémon, Geodude (to put it kindly) is not very good; however, if you train him through two evolutions, you get Golem, one of the most powerful rock Pokémon in the entire game. Geodude is a testament that if you take your time, things get done right. Plus, he's a piece of rock and Taurus is an Earth sign, so there's a natural affinity.

  • Gemini – Doduo (May 21 – June 20)
    Photo: Pokémon / The Pokémon Company

    Vanilluxe may have been a close match for Gemini; the two-faced floating icicles are whimsical, restless, and ever-changing. They even explode when both faces are angry - and you sort of do the same. You have a tendency to get a little restless and overwhelmed by your emotions; however, Doduo is the original bad boy when it comes to your star sign. The two-headed Pokémon is the literal embodiment of twins and it's a bird; Gemini is an Air sign, making this feathered friend a perfect fit.

    Doduo is also resourceful, like you. The bird doesn't have any wings, yet it can learn the important HM Fly. If you don't already know what it's like to be a Gemini, you'd probably think that's impossible, but that duality is endemic to the Gemini mindset. Like Gemini, Doduo has a tendency to be a little codependent, but they can also be killer when it comes to teamwork - one head sleeps while the other stands guard. If that isn't teamwork, then what is?

  • Cancer – Lapras (June 21 – July 22)
    Photo: Pokémon / The Pokémon Company

    As a Cancer, you exude warmth, kindness, and compassion. This Water sign is an excellent match for Lapras, who loves helping others by ferrying them across bodies of water. Lapras is also all too familiar with the pains of being a gentle, compassionate caretaker – the Pokémon was nearly driven to extinction by poachers because its docile nature made the species an easy target. As a Cancer, you know people sometimes take advantage of your kindness, too.

    Lapras is both a water and ice type. You'd be lying if you didn't admit that Cancers sometimes have a tendency to get a little icy when their feelings are hurt. They either explode (with a well-placed ice beam) or retreat inside of their shells. Cancers possess an almost superhuman sense of empathy, and Lapras is able to develop similar psychic abilities. The water Pokémon understands human speech, so you both can empathize with one another through telepathy.