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Who Should Be Your Partner Pokémon Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Updated July 9, 2019 121.5k views12 items
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Pokémon trainers have spent the better part of the last 20 years contemplating their top six, but out of every elite lineup there's that one Pokémon you love and adore more than anything else. These partner Pokémon have stuck with us from the beginning, and have given us more than a few teary-eyed moments if we get all sentimental about the anime - which let's be honest, we definitely do. So, who should your Pokémon partner be? There are 151 in just the original bunch, so the choice is pretty overwhelming. 

We’ve already contemplated which Pokémon Disney princesses or Batman villains would choose (obviously the Riddler loves Missingo, the world's favorite glitch). As any good psychic Pokémon would tell you, you can also pick your Pokémon based on the zodiac. Your star sign says a whole lot about your personality and what you need to bring to (the Pokémon) battle. And no, every Cancer out there shouldn't catch a Krabby, even if they're a Water sign.

Here's what Pokémon should be your partner based on your Zodiac sign - and if you're doubly into gaming, be sure to check out these Overwatch characters drawn as Pokémon next.