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17 Awesomely Nerdy Pokémon Pumpkin Carvings You Can Totally Make At Home

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Halloween is coming soon, and that means it's time to carve some pumpkins! But what if you want to add some nerdy pizzaz to your Halloween decorations? One awesome option is pumpkin carving with Pokémon. There are plenty of Pokémon pumpkin carving ideas to choose from: You could pick a scary Pokémon like Gengar or Banette, an adorable Pokémon like Pikachu or Jigglypuff, or even a more elegant Pokémon like Chandelure.

The Internet has already produced a ton of gorgeous examples of Pokémon pumpkin carvings. And if you're wondering how to create your own, wonder no more – Pokémon pumpkin stencils to are here to help you out. You can also use your own artistic skills to come up with unique designs. For inspiration, check out this collection of pumpkins with Pokémon on them, and vote up the ones that make you feel all warm and glowy inside.

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    Don't Let This Squirtle's Bubble Attack Put Out The Pumpkin's Flame

    Photo: Pinterest

    Make your own with this stencil.

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    This Pumpkin Is Only A Little Bit Haunted

    Photo: imgur

    Make your own with this stencil.

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    The Candle In This Charizard Pumpkin Should Be Ember Level, Not Fire Blast

    Photo: Techeblog

    Make your own with this stencil.

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    Keep A Burn Heal Ready For This Bulbasaur

    Photo: Pinterest

    Make your own with this stencil.

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