Pokemon Puns Memes Eeveeryone Will Love

Never gonna give Mew up, never gonna let Mew down. Wow, Rick Ghastly, shut your Meowth! Pokemon is here to stay. Not only are their designs distinctive and easy to recognize - it's no coincidence that "Who's That Pokemon?" was such a successful bit in the show - their names are fun to say, too. Best of all, there's not much to the Pokemon naming scheme besides portmanteaus and puns. If the cute, colorful characters are a game-maker's dream, the names themselves are perfect for funny Pokemon memes and wordplay.

Can you solve these Pokemon memes yourself? Pokemon Go players and fans will recognize the names of the Generation 1 Pokemon available to catch in the game. What other Pokemon name puns can you come up with?


  • 1. Totally Onix-pected

    Totally Onix-pected
    Photo: Imgur
    715 votes
  • 2. And good Eeveening to you

    And good Eeveening to you
    Photo: Twitter
    760 votes
  • 3. Shut yo Meowth

    Shut yo Meowth
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    698 votes
  • 4. Why? Wynaut!

    568 votes
  • 5. Don't you dare close your eyes

    Don't you dare close your eyes
    Photo: Imgur
    541 votes
  • 6. I'm not gonna Raichu a love song

    I'm not gonna Raichu a love song
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    767 votes