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20 Hilarious Examples Of Pokémon Getting Shamed By Their Trainers

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Pokémon characters have brought its fans quite a bit of joy over the last 20+ years, but Pokémon shaming art features the loveable creatures like you've never seen them before. Several talented (and funny) artists have offered their services to make this gallery of Pokémon shaming art so damn satisfying.

No, this isn't a collection of terrifyingly realistic Pokémon, nor is it a gallery of anatomically correct images, but the shaming captions under these pocket monsters probably fall under the "too true" category. 

It's time to take a break from catching them all and enjoy some seriously funny Pokémon shaming pictures. Once you're done laughing at all of these hilarious Pokémon shame photos, make sure to vote up your favorites. 

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    Arcanine And Zorua Are Mailing It In

    Two shamed Pokémon are better than one as proven by swiftfrost.

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    Mr. Mime Has No Shame

    Dampho paints fans a truly funny picture – both figuratively and literally. 

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    Photo: ronnieraccoon
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    A Bad Place To Evolve

    A true "what if?" scenario is presented by pancakesandhalibut

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