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What Your Favorite 'Pokémon' Starter Says About Your Personality

Updated November 20, 2018 38.9k views16 items

If you're a '90s or '90s-ish baby, you probably obsessed over Pokémon at some point. It was the first real social networking tool, as trading allowed you to meet new friends and rid your enemies of their treasured Pocket Monsters. The chase to "catch 'em all" was brutal, and the golden rule was to never stray from the unspoken "Poké Balls only" challenge. Yet there was always one Pokémon trainers wouldn't struggle to snag: the default starter character you get to choose at the beginning of your quest.

Which Pokémon starter you choose says a lot about you. Are you a Pikachu, always striving to be the center of attention? Charmander was your little buddy, and no starter ever matched his aesthetic. But deep down, does Tepig more truly embody your eccentric, often misunderstood personality? You may want to be the very best, but your favorite starter might reveal you have some things to work on. What does your starter Pokémon say about you?

  • Pikachu
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    You're electric, baby. You're the first one in the door at work and the last one to check out. Reliable doesn't even begin to describe you, and you can't recall the last time you let someone down without giving the most boisterous apology. At the end of the day, you're a real live wire, but you can also be unstable when things don't go your way. Those poor, unsuspecting souls unlucky enough to be caught in your path of destruction better watch their backs, because when you seek vengeance nobody is safe. 

    As Pikachu, you're the walking, talking version of a one-man band, and the only way the spotlight isn't on you is if the bulb burned out because you were shining too bright.

  • Charmander
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    Congratulations, you picked a real underdog for your personal champion, though some might decry you for being basic. After all, your favorite movie is The Godfather and your favorite food is pizza. Sure, The Godfather and pizza are great, but you're constantly screaming it at the top of your lungs even though everyone already agrees with you. 

    Despite being a Yankees, Patriots, and Lakers fan, as Charmander you're surprisingly guarded - emotionally speaking - and it's hard for you to trust the people you keep closest. However, when you call someone a friend, you mean it, and they're bound to be a lifelong ally and confidant. 

  • Squirtle
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    You wear sunglasses at night and manage to pull it off. The Dos Equis man has nothing on you because you're truly the most interesting person in the world. You remain calm, cool, and collected under the direst of circumstances. You laugh in the face of deadlines because you know you'll have the project done by the end of the day. The people around you theorize that you were built in a lab, because you seem to have it all together. 

    Squirtle, your problems only arise during personal bouts of meditation. You sometimes give too much to the people around you and never reserve time to take care of your wellbeing. You might not realize it, but it's often acceptable to take a personal day to just relax and reflect. 

  • Bulbasaur
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    You have the people around you fooled into thinking you're the innocent and silent type, but you're actually starting multiple fires before anyone smells smoke. You knew picking Bulbasaur would guarantee your rival snags Charmander, but you don't care - you love a good challenge. You're also eight moves ahead, and you knew there were four other fantastic fire-type Pokémon in Generation 1, and you'd have to resort to a bottom-of-the-barrel choice to fulfill your need for a powerful grass type. 

    If the CEO of your company isn't careful, you might just orchestrate an impromptu buyout and snake their job our from under them, but be careful: making enemies can be a dangerous byproduct.