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What Your Favorite 'Pokémon' Starter Says About Your Personality

If you're a '90s or '90s-ish baby, you probably obsessed over Pokémon at some point. It was the first real social networking tool, as trading allowed you to meet new friends and rid your enemies of their treasured Pocket Monsters. The chase to "catch 'em all" was brutal, and the golden rule was to never stray from the unspoken "Poké Balls only" challenge. Yet there was always one Pokémon trainers wouldn't struggle to snag: the default starter character you get to choose at the beginning of your quest.

Which Pokémon starter you choose says a lot about you. Are you a Pikachu, always striving to be the center of attention? Charmander was your little buddy, and no starter ever matched his aesthetic. But deep down, does Tepig more truly embody your eccentric, often misunderstood personality? You may want to be the very best, but your favorite starter might reveal you have some things to work on. What does your starter Pokémon say about you?