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14 Easter Eggs You Probably Missed in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon were released in the fall of 2016 to much critical and player acclaim. The games feature a classic cast of Pokemon from games past, and introduce a few new faces as well. The game takes place on a chain of islands called Alola and allows players to explore, fight, and, of course, catch 'em all. What some players may have missed, though, are the many Easter eggs sprinkled throughout the games' many levels and locations. 

Some of the callbacks go all the way back to 1996 and the original Red and Blue games. Others are a little more recent, like the joke that references a less-than-perfect 7.8 review from IGN. Keep reading below to see the 14 amazing Easter Eggs from Pokemon Sun and Moon

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    Construction Is Machamp's Family Business

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    Going back to Red and Blue, Machop, Machoke, and Machamp have been used by humans in construction, moving, manual labor and the like. Sun and Moon continues that tradition with a pair of Machamp bulldozing an empty lot for something in the future. The building Machop worked on was never finished, but maybe we'll see the finished product in a future sequel.

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    Slowpoke Tails Are Still a Hot Commodity

    Photo: Nintendo, Game Freak

    Starting in Azalia Town in Gold and Silver, we learn about the desire for Slowpoke tails in the Kanto and Johto regions, presumably for consumption. In the Alolan Pokedex, we get a little more detail on the origin and actual process of eating one of these suckers. The process itself isn't overtly horrifying - there aren't any real animals in the Pokemon universe, but for whatever reason, characters in game freak out over the trade and consumption of Slowpoke tails when they've been drinking Miltank milk for the past six generations.

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    Red Representing 1996 Like a Champion

    Photo: Nintendo, Game Freak

    Pokemon Red and Green were released in Japan in 1996, making characters from both games around age 30 if we go by the convention that every main character is 10 years old when they start their journey. You might notice that Red has a '96 on his shirt? Yeah! Including this in the later portion of the game is really a testament to how much Nintendo and Game Freak respect the source material. It's a great Easter egg for fans of the originals. 

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    NPCs Use All Sorts of Poke Balls When Battling!

    Photo: Nintendo, Game Freak

    NPCs use all sorts of poke balls now! It's not limited to great and ultra balls either - everything ranging from net balls to some apricorn balls later on (that aren't even available en masse in Sun and Moon) make an appearance.

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