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16 Pokemon That Probably Taste Delicious

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Prepare your palate for the tastiest Pokemon on the planet! With animal-themed monsters galore, the sensational Pokemon franchise serves up more than a mere collection of kick*ss fighting icons. Both the cool Pokemon and the ugly Pokemon are just waiting to be cooked up and served as a delicious meal for any Pokemon Trainer who finds themselves desperate enough to sink their teeth into one of their beloved (yet yummy) companions.

While wandering the tall grass and desolate caves of the Pokemon world, Trainers and Masters alike can find themselves simply starving for an adequate meal. Luckily enough for them, their Pocket Monsters allow them to whip up a recipe comprised from one of their stockpiles of savory Pokemon, saving their stomach and their wallet from being empty.

Although you totally shouldn't eat your friends, Pokemon provide a buffet of readily-edible monster morsels, creating a new Pokedex of mouth-watering meals that can be made from them if you're willing to sacrifice your sidekick for your stomach. Vote up the Pokemon below that you think would taste amazing. 

  • With Miltank being a large, plump, milk cow Pokemon (as the official Pokedex likes to call it), it's only safe to assume that Miltank not only produces strawberry milk, but also makes some dank burgers. Drinking its milk provides healing nutrients known to cure sick humans and Pokemon, so enjoying some Miltank yogurt in a parfait or sizzling up a prime cut of Miltank steak or sirloin must be a lifesaver for both your taste buds and your body.

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  • Blatantly just a vanilla ice-cream cone masking itself as a Pokemon, Vanillite would be the perfect companion for your palate on a hot summer's day. The 12.6 lbs of soft serve that makes up the body of Vanillite could be eaten as-is or the top swirl could be completely lopped off to make a totally awesome sundae.  

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  • Just imagine cracking open the huge claws of a freshly caught Krabby! Weighing in at a full 14.3 lbs in the Pokedex, this Pokemon is essentially a GIANT crab that's just waiting to be fried up in a rangoon, stirred into a boiling pot of gumbo, or rolled up into a sushi. 

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  • This Pokemon is so freakin' tasty that its impeccable flavor, especially when cooked with a leek, has nearly brought it to extinction. Farfetch'd is a mouth-watering duck that comes along with its own seasoning, so it's hard for even the Pokemon world to keep its hands off of it. 

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