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30 Original Pokemon Designs That Almost Made The Cut

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After over thirty years, the Pokemon franchise has racked up quite a bit of lore. So much so, Pokemon Historian Dr. Lava and artist and designer Rachel Briggs have teamed up to uncover the hundreds of pocket monsters lost in creation. There are entire communities dedicated to unearthing the Pokemon that were never made, final evolutions that were scrapped, and behind-the-scenes secrets. 

Most of the illustrations below were created by Rachel Briggs, based on the original black and white sprites of the Pokemon that didn't make the cut. Gorochu was designed by artist Foxeaf. There are many reasons Pokemon get scrapped, so check out Dr. Lava's unique commentary under each image. Some of these lost Pokemon are pre-evolutions of Kanto favorites like Grimer and Ponyta, while others we just would've liked to have around, like Crocky. 

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    Dr. Lava says:

    "First revealed by Game Freak developers in a 2018 Japanese newspaper interview, Gorochu was planned for Gen 1 as Raichu's evolution, but was cut due to a lack of cartridge space. In an interview with Gamespot, Junichi Masuda was asked if Gorochu might return to the series someday.

    Masuda: '...I would say the chances are low.'

    Gorochu's return would also be complicated by the fact that Pichu was added in Gen 2 — giving the family its third stage."

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    Rinrin and Berurun

    Dr. Lava says:

    "First revealed when Gold & Silver's 1997 demo leaked in 2018, Rinrin & Berurun were a bell-themed family of Dark type felines... but they didn't make the final cut. Rinrin was female-only and evolved into Berurun at level 28. 'Rinrin' is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a ringing bell, while 'Berurun' is the Japanese onomatopoeia for cheerful humming.

    This two-stage family of adorable Dark-type cats definitely would've been fan-favorites... but unfortunately, they didn't make Gen 2's final cut. However, it appears many of their characteristics were later recycled for future felines like the Skitty and Purrloin families."

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    Kurusu Family

    Dr. Lava says:

    "First revealed when Gold & Silver's 1997 demo leaked in 2018, Kurusu was originally meant as Gen 2's Water starter, but was later scrapped and replaced with Totodile.

    Kurusu, Akua, and Akueria were all pure Water types. Akua evolved into Akueria at level 32, but G&S's 1997 demo lacked evolution data for Kurusu — probably because he wasn't meant to evolve while the demo was being played. Like Lapras, they're all based on the plesiosaur."

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    Dr. Lava says:

    "Originally meant as stage 1 of the Meowth family, Kōnya was created for Gen 1, but ended up getting cut. Then Kōnya was later planned for inclusion in Gen 2, but got cut again. 

    Kōnya was first revealed when Gold & Silver's 1997 demo leaked in 2018. This early build of G&S showed that Kōnya would have evolved into Meowth at level 14, and that just like its evolutions, was Normal type. Kōnya could translate to either 'Baby Meow' or 'Coin Meow."

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