Unspeakable Crimes Police And Other Officials Describe The Worst Crime Scenes They've Ever Laid Eyes On  

Jake Black
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When you hear the term "crime scene" you no doubt think of a glossy detective show, caution tape blowing in the wind, blue and red lights flashing wildly, a detective taking off his sunglasses and uttering a witty pun. But crime isn't limited to primetime, and the truth is that the most horrifying crime scenes are the real-life ones; the ones too gruesome to be shown on TV. They're the bloody, deranged, tragic crime scenes that shocked police.

Fair warning: the stories contained within this list are nightmarish scenarios that have haunted even the most grizzled officers of the law. When police describe the worst crime scenes they've ever seen, many of them say that if they could wipe the scene from their memory they would. With that warning in mind, below you'll find descriptions, in their own words, from the police officers and first responders that came across these real-life crime scenes and remain haunted by them to this day. 

A Man Responded To His Wife's Alleged Infidelity By Beheading Her And Killing Their 3 Kids

From Redditor /u/OfficerKen:

A man lived in an apartment with his three kids and wife. He goes to work and comes home at night, and one of his kids comes up to him and says "I saw mommy kissing the neighbors pee pee." He slit each of his children's throats while they slept and cut his wife's head off. He left it on the kitchen table and smoked a cigarette calmly after calling 911 on himself. (The officer) said seeing the kids in their beds with open throats covered in blood fucked him up for a long time.

Someone Thought He Was A Dog And Bit Through A Person's Throat

From Redditor /u/Holdin_McGroin:

There was this schizophrenic guy who was convinced he was a dog. Now that might just sound sad and pathetic, but the guy actually bit someone in the throat and shredded his jugular. He tried to do it in jail as well, and he now has to wear a muzzle 24/7.

A Woman Jumped Off A 9 Story Building And Survived Long Enough To Have A Conversation

From Redditor /u/coney27:

A suicidal female walked to the top of a 9 story hospital parking garage. She did a backwards swan dive off the top trying to kill herself. She ended up landing on both of her feet, which took all the impact. Every bone from her feet up to her first rib was shattered but somehow she was still alive when I got there. She looked like a slinky as the EMTs picked her up from the ground to transport her, which in the end was futile. But for the few minutes I was on scene with her I was able to speak to the woman, who was still conscious. It was the most peaceful and eerily quiet conversation I had with a person who knew they were dead.

The Family Dog Was Licking Up Its Owners Severed Head

From Redditor /u/cfvh:

My father was a detective in the middle of his career. He told me of a crime scene where someone had hacked up his wife's head with an axe. When they went in, the family's dog was licking up the blood and brain matter.