Police Officers Reveal The Worst Criminal Encounters Of Their Careers

Every cop has a story he or she can't forget, and police officers on Reddit are revealing the worst encounters of their careers. These law enforcement stories are shocking, and the offenders are even more so. Certain officers even suffer from nightmares, addictions, and post-traumatic stress because the crimes are so egregious.

While the following horrifying true stories may be enough to turn your stomach - nothing is off limits to these particularly gruesome culprits. It's no one wonder the cops can't forget such awful encounters.

  • A Man Tortured His Girlfriend's Three Children

    From Redditor /u/imcodefour:

    Worst ever for me was a guy who [systematically harmed] his girlfriend's three small children until one [passed]. The scene was subtle yet horrific when we started putting the pieces together. The children initially wouldn't speak about the suspect at all, and now a couple years later they only make cryptic statement like, 'If I did (X), "HE" would come and do (Y)...' It was the only time in my career I've seen a cause of death ruled as "torture."

  • A Man Cleavered A Mom And Her Four Children

    From Redditor /u/ThrowAwayStowAway718:

    I'm terrible with dates and time frames if I didn't write it down, but I'll never forget October 26, 2013. This was in Brooklyn. Squad called an 85 at such and such address. A neighbor had called in an assault in progress and the detective squad happened to be on the block for another reason. They got there fast and met the perp coming out the front door. We get there a couple minutes after as the perp is being walked in handcuffs to the car. I went into the house to see if everybody was okay and what the 85 was about.

    Long story short, perp hacked a woman and her four kids (infant to 12 years old) to death with a meat cleaver. Mom and oldest were still breathing when we came in the door, but not for long after that. Three babies were all in the back bedroom. The apartment looked pretty much like what you would imagine if you tried to imagine something like that. You could taste the blood in the air, there was so much of it. When I walked out to get a look at the perp, a detective told me, "See if you can get his name but don't ask him anything else." Guy was seated in the backseat in handcuffs and had a look in his eyes that I can't even describe here. The devil was let loose in that apartment.

  • A Man Had Relations With His Girlfriend's Toddler

    From Redditor /u/Gnartan:

    Had a guy who had been f*cking his girlfriend's 3-year-old daughter. He found out he had gotten busted and took a whole bunch of [drugs] and probably anything else in the house he could get his hands on. Was found unresponsive and put in an ice bath by his friends and one of them was nice enough to call 911. Hell of it is that when we show up the girlfriend is defending him, stashing contraband and trying to keep us from entering the apartment without a warrant. Exigent circumstances, hip hip hooray, get out of my way and we got him to the hospital. Hell of it is that while we got him out she flushed all their sh*t and deleted all the images from his phone of the [offenses]. F*ckin' mom choosing her [deplorable] boyfriend over her daughter. Lowest of the low. He pled to a lesser charge eventually due to a lack of evidence and she caught a tampering with physical evidence charge and got her kid taken away. She's out and works at a local restaurant that I'll never go to again.

  • A Teen Wielded A Screwdriver To Impress Friends

    From Redditor /u/seanbeag:

    The earliest memorable person is a [17-year-old] who [ended] two men by stabbing them in the head with a screwdriver. He was just acting the hard man in front of his mates and picked on these two guys for nothing. The thing that got me was his complete lack of remorse or regret. I'd never properly understood what a psychopath was until then.

  • A Father Beat His Young Daughter And Ended Her Life 

    From Redditor /u/Flintte:

    My dad [...] responded to a case [and] the girl was 5 years old. The father would beat her, and the mother would neglect her. [...] The father admitted to beating the child at least once a day because she did things like have bathroom accidents (they never taught her to properly use the bathroom). They used bats, belts, and anything within arm's reach. The child was malnourished and neglected, with healing bruises and fresh bruises. Three days prior to her death, the couple refused to clothe and bathe her, leaving the child to live in her own feces. The child's last day was spent in her room, unfurnished and covered in feces. Beaten then left unattended as the couple went to work. Upon return, her dad whipped her with his belt for the last time.

    When my dad responded, he went to a room layered in feces with blood splattered on the wall and floor where the girl had laid still. Covered in her own blood and vomit, while experiencing seizures due to the trauma. As a first responder, it was my dad’s duty to save her. He gave her CPR, frantically trying to do everything in his power to save her as if the child was his own. There was nothing he could do [...] Later investigation found that the child had been whipped then hit in her chest knocking her to the ground. The father then proceeded to stomp on her chest and head, causing her ribs to break, along with brain bleeding, and a dislocated shoulder. Although my state ended the death penalty in 1957, the crime had occurred on federal property, and thus, the father was up for [capital punishment]. This caused the trial to drag on for 10 years. For each of those years, my father deteriorated in his mental state and developed [a dependency on] alcohol [...] later leading to a few small domestic [disturbance] cases. He suffers from PTSD now, and the father I grew up with is no longer present. 

  • A Man Pierced An Innocent Victim In The Chest

    From Redditor /u/Throwawaycop194218:

    Had a call once in a major metropolitan area during my probation period some years ago. The fire dept called us for help saying they had been threatened by [a] knife-wielding maniac while attempting to render aid to someone. My partner and I got there and saw the FD just standing around so were thinking okay this guy is probably gone and we will have to just take a report for them and get to our next call. That’s the first time I heard the screams of someone about to die; the shrill terror in a person's voice is completely distinguishable from your everyday scream for help or yells of anger. It sends a shiver down your spine.

    My partner and I didn't have time for backup to arrive or make a tactical plan so we entered an apartment complex by ourselves and followed the screams until we located a door we thought they were coming from. I kicked in the door and we entered to find that [...] madman stabbing a woman in the chest. Shots are fired and the man goes down.

    As though a scene from a movie [...] backup comes running in [after] to clear the rest of the apartment while I awkwardly handcuff this man who is bleeding all over my uniform (he's missing either his radius or ulna [...] One of the two wrist bones from a bullet shattering it). There's blood everywhere, and you can smell it in the air. This is also the first time I held a person while they were dying. Which isn't particularly pleasant either. The man passed shortly after in the ambulance (even with the fire dept outside already).

    We later discovered the man was on drugs and suffering from mental illness; he had attempted to [take his own life] a week prior [...] the higher ups believe this is how he wanted to finish himself off.

    The woman survived.