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Wonderfully Weird Polish Horror Movie Posters Vs. Their American Counterparts

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Movie posters have a simple job: articulate the look, the tone, and the premise of a movie to audiences that would entice them to buy theater tickets. And thanks to studio input and executive feedback, many of these posters now follow a template that homogenizes the look. 

Thankfully, not all posters are equal

In Poland, local artists have used movies and their posters to illustrate their own visions of feature films, creating a complicated and visually interesting art piece that any movie buff would salivate over. These unique objets d'art transform the poster from mere marketing material, taking even the most shallow rom-coms and turning them into high art. And in the case of horror movies, creating an abstract piece that elevates both the poster and the movie itself. While many horror posters have managed to buck the trend most other posters follow, the unusual takes on horror films by Polish artists offer a fresh take on an already outstanding art form.   

Here is a look at a small selection of Polish horror movie posters compared to their official counterpart. Vote up the posters you feel best complement the films.

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