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Polite Things You Most Wish People Still Did Regularly

There are a lot of polite things people don't do anymore – either because society has evolved and made it acceptable to not, or simply because they don't want to. Between our technological advances that have made it almost impossible to find someone without a phone in their hand, and feminist movements that have liberated women to empower themselves to fight to be treated the same as men, a lot of etiquette that was once considered proper is overlooked today.

Below are 16 good manners no one seems to have anymore. Do you think some of these should still be important?
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    Not Asking for Gifts

    There was once a time when asking for gifts, even for your wedding, was considered impolite and presumptuous. But now it is extremely rare to open a wedding invitation that doesn't list where people can find the registry.
    Wish people still did this?
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    Putting Toilet Seat Down

    Few things can be more frustrating to women than walking into a unisex bathroom only to see the toilet seat still up. If you are a man with female roommates, or are using a public bathroom shared with the opposite sex, the polite thing to do is to put the seat down once you have finished your business. 
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    Opening Car Doors

    A lot of people think chivalry is dead, so many women find themselves pleasantly surprised when their date opens their car door for them. Though this used to be a given decades ago, and is still appreciated today, not many people get bent out of shape if their door isn't opened for them. Some women even demand that they are fully capable of opening their own door.
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    Not Talking About Money

    In the past, it was considered to be in poor taste to discuss money or ask people how much they are making. But now people seem to be more transparent and willing to discuss their salaries and financial issues.
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