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Polite Things You Most Wish People Still Did Regularly

There are a lot of polite things people don't do anymore – either because society has evolved and made it acceptable to not, or simply because they don't want to. Between our technological advances that have made it almost impossible to find someone without a phone in their hand, and feminist movements that have liberated women to empower themselves to fight to be treated the same as men, a lot of etiquette that was once considered proper is overlooked today.

Below are 16 good manners no one seems to have anymore. Do you think some of these should still be important?
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    Holding Doors Open

    It used to be that men were to hold the door open for women. But now women are holding doors open for men, children are holding doors open for adults – basically, if you are entering or exiting a place, and there is someone nearby, you should hold it open. But, again, many people are too caught up in their own hustle to waste precious time standing there and letting other people in before them – especially if that person is still 100 feet away.
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    Picking Date Up at Door

    There are few things ruder than laying on your car's horn to signal your arrival. The polite thing to do when picking someone up has always been to get out of your car, trek up the walkway, and knock like a civilized human being. But nowadays, people seem to opt for sending them a text to announce their arrival. 
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    Giving Up Subway Seat

    Giving up your subway seat to a senior citizen or pregnant woman should always be a given. Unfortunately, it's not always the case. From my experience, part of the problem with people not offering their seats when they should is because they are too immersed in their cellphones to take inventory of their surroundings.
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    Powering Off Cellphones

    Our society has become far too obsessed with their smartphones and gadgets to go so far as completely powering them off when they are at dinner or seeing a show. It seems the unspoken agreement is that "powering off" really means "making damn sure it is on silent."
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