Political Issues That Matter The Most Right Now

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Vote up the political issues that concern you most in America today.

What are the major political issues that concern you most right now? Political issues today run the gamut from domestic and foreign issues of all kinds. Are they national security or economic? Social issues or legal? What should we be focusing on most in the coming years and election cycles? And are you concerned about something even if it doesn't directly affect you? Vote on this list of the most important current political issues to make your opinion heard.

Which political issues matter to you most? Vote down the ones that are irrelevant or that distract from what America and US politicians in the government should really be focused on. And if you feel there are any issues not on the list that are important to the future of the United States, feel free to add them. There are more than enough issues for everyone out there to have a spirited debate.

No matter how you feel about these issues, or what side of the debate you're on, as long as you think they are important topics that should matter to all Americans, then vote them up!

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    Racial Conflict

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    Equal Pay

    Despite decades of progress, many women still earn less than their male counterparts in similar jobs. Does government have a role in closing the pay gap?
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    Finding alternative sources of energy is paramount, but fracking is a complex process that could have severe consequences for local cities and the environment.
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    Medical Marijuana

    Despite marijuana use being legal in many states, it’s still illegal at the federal level, and offenders are still given long sentences for minor possession. What will it take to end this inconsistency?
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    A nuclear deal with Iran is a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, but is it too dangerous to allow Iran to have any kind of nuclear program?
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    War on Drugs

    Despite billions spent on destroying and interdicting drug flow into the US, access to illegal drugs is easier than ever. Is it time to end the war on drugs, or take it even further?
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    Same Sex Marriage

    Is allowing two people of the same gender to marry an act of equality, or is it an affront to religious liberty? With the 2015 SCOTUS ruling, opinions are more sharply drawn than ever.
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    Gender and Sexuality Rights LGBTQIA+

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    States are trying to figure out how to legislate the use of drones for commercial and private purposes. Should they be able to fly without restrictions, or do we need common sense laws to regulate them?