Political Issues That Matter The Most Right Now

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Vote up the political issues that concern you most in America today.

What are the major political issues that concern you most right now? Political issues today run the gamut from domestic and foreign issues of all kinds. Are they national security or economic? Social issues or legal? What should we be focusing on most in the coming years and election cycles? And are you concerned about something even if it doesn't directly affect you? Vote on this list of the most important current political issues to make your opinion heard.

Which political issues matter to you most? Vote down the ones that are irrelevant or that distract from what America and US politicians in the government should really be focused on. And if you feel there are any issues not on the list that are important to the future of the United States, feel free to add them. There are more than enough issues for everyone out there to have a spirited debate.

No matter how you feel about these issues, or what side of the debate you're on, as long as you think they are important topics that should matter to all Americans, then vote them up!

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    Require all three branches of government to obey the constitution

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    Free Speech

    It’s the bedrock of the Bill of Rights, but what constitutes free and protected speech is debatable. Can people just “say anything they want” over any media, or are there limits even to that?
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    Immigrants make up an ever-increasing percentage of the population, and many are entering the US illegally. But what to do about it, and how to handle immigrants who are already in the US are hugely contentious issues.
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    Over 600,000 Americans were homeless in 2014. What is society’s role in preventing this and helping to get people off the streets?
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    Social Security and Medicare

    As the first baby boomers retire, the two entitlements of Social Security and Medicare will be called on more than ever to provide health care and financial stability. Are they fiscally solvent?
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    Tax Reform

    Income taxes are actually much lower now than they were a few decades ago. But many anti-tax advocates continue to insist that taxes are too high and that the tax code is much too complex.