11 Ways the Major Political Parties in the US Are Different From 50 Years Ago

The politics of Washington DC are always changing. The differences between the political parties seem more widespread and insurmountable than ever in 2016, but there was a time when Democrats and Republicans were very different. Times change, as do demographics, and parties follow votes. The stalwart Democrats of today have much in common with the progressive Republicans of old, and some steadfastly conservative states used to be unwaveringly Democrat.  

So what happened? While the Civil War set the stage for liberal Republicans and socially conservative Democrats (especially where race was concerned), the Civil Rights movement started a chain reaction that ended up completely flipping the electoral map. When Democrats had no choice but to push for civil rights, the Republicans changed their platform to scoop up disenfranchised southern votes. Within thirty years, political battle lines and the electoral map we’re familiar with in 2016 was cemented. The differences between the parties today and 50 years ago are shocking to say the least.

Read on to learn how the Republic party changed, how the Democratic party changed, and about differences between political parties. 

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