19 Politicians Who Were Caught with Prostitutes  

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List of politicians caught with prostitutes. Politicians and sex workers are said to have a lot of common. They both have underhanded and seedy dealings on a daily basis to get their jobs done. So then it’s no surprise that so many major politicians are caught with their pants down, so to speak, in the company of prostitutes. You might also want to check out sex scandals involving world leaders and celebrities who were caught with hookers. The idea that politicians are often at coke-fueled parties with their arms around a hooker or two is so prevalent, but surprisingly few politicians have ever been caught with prostitutes. Even fewer have been arrested. The number of politicians who have actually served time for soliciting sex is extremely low.

Some of the politicians, solely men, who have been caught with prostitutes are lonely men looking for the company of women or men. Other times the scandal is wrapped around an abuse of power and sick sex crimes. A few of the cases of politicians caught with sex workers have included anti-gay, married men in the company of male prostitutes. Undercover police officers are also often in the equation, in these cases, some of which include politicians and prostitutes caught on video.

Which politicians have been caught with prostitutes? This list features the biggest sex scandals in political history that included sex workers and stories of politicians and prostitutes caught having sex.

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Jerry Springer is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 19 Politicians Who Were Caught with Prostitutes
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Before he was an infamous talk show host known mostly for his scandalous guests, Jerry Springer was a city councilman from Cincinnati. During that time, he had scandal of his own including a prostitute in a health club in 1974. When this information was revealed, he resigned from office immediately. That didn't stop him from running unsuccessfully for governor in 1982.

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Allan Howe is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 19 Politicians Who Were Caught with Prostitutes
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In 1976, Utah representative Allan Howe was arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. Unfortunately for him, the two women he approached to pay for sex were actually undercover police officer. Howe decided not to resign from office. However, he was no re-elected for another term. see more on Allan Howe
Joe Waggonner is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 19 Politicians Who Were Caught with Prostitutes
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The Louisiana Democratic representative, Joe Waggonner, in 1976 was arrested in a prostitution sting while in Washington D.C. The arrest didn't stop his constituents from re-electing him that same year. However, just two years later he retired from politics.  see more on Joe Waggonner
David I. Walsh is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 19 Politicians Who Were Caught with Prostitutes
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In one of the oldest prostitution scandals in the United States, David I. Walsh was implicated in the 1942 sex scandal after a male brothel was uncovered as a possible front for Nazi spies. While there were many witnesses to his involvement in the brothel, it was never quite clear whether it was a political conspiracy to sully Walsh's reputation and political career. J. Edgar Hoover even released a report claiming there was no proof of the rumor.

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