21 Real Politicians Vs Their 'SNL' Impressions

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Some of the most highlighted and anticipated events of late-night television are Saturday Night Live's impressions of politicians. Seen as a staple of the show, impressions of politicians on SNL often happen during the program's cold open, where the parodied president, member of Congress, or political figure recaptures the week's top news. The best SNL politician impressions completely embody the person and their given quirks. Legendary SNL parodies, including Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, reportedly impacted the 2008 election, while newcomers, such as Kate McKinnon, reach across the political aisle to parody both Republicans and Democrats - and even men and women - alike. Many politicians react to their SNL impressions with great humor, though some take the jokes better than others. 

Politicians compared to their SNL impressions showcase how strong the show can get when it comes to casting. Sometimes even non-cast members debut politician impressions that end up becoming standard skits for the show. Take a look at the politicians versus the SNL actors who played them below - and see if you can tell the difference.