50 Politicians Who Have Admitted to Smoking Pot

Below is a definitive list of politicians who have admitted to smoking pot. The War on Drugs is always a huge subject of debate within the world of politics.Recently, there have been many advocates for legalizing marijuana for medical and personal use. For the most part many politicians, especially in the United States, have taken a strong stance against the legalization of marijuana.However, many of the politicians who are hard on anti-drug laws have also openly admitted to using marijuana. While some former pot smoking politicians have come out in favor of legalization, far more have renounced their former drug using ways.

Most of the politicians who have admitted to marijuana use have also claimed that they only used it once or twice. Bill Clinton was one of the first to ever use the “I never inhaled” defense on his drug use, but it has been a popular argument for politicians throughout the years. There are some politicians who have confessed to using marijuana habitually, or at least more than once in college, such as Barack Obama, who wrote about it in his memoir,and Al Gore, who smoked regularly at Harvard.

What politicians have admitted to marijuana use? The famous political figures on this list are among the 100 million people who have confessed to pot smoking.

Photo: flickr / CC0