Weird History

Were The Pollock Sisters Reincarnated As Their Own Younger Siblings?

Death is so final. Or maybe it's not. The concept of reincarnation - the belief that a soul can be reborn in a new body - upends that finality. Religions including Hinduism and Buddhism include reincarnation in their beliefs, and stories of second chances at life go back to ancient times. Like the concept of time travel, there is no definitive proof that reincarnation exists, but many stories of reincarnation offer strong evidence. Consider the case of twins Gillian and Jennifer Pollock, whose story is especially compelling - they are the supposed reincarnations of their older sisters who died in a car accident.

The mysterious case of the Pollock twins points to the possibility of reincarnation, and believers often cite their story as proof of life after death. Whether or not the Pollocks are their sisters reincarnated, the twins' story makes for a fascinating tale.