15 Signs You May Have A Poltergeist Living In Your Home

Is there anything more annoying than spending ages searching for your keys only to realize that they were mysteriously moved to the top of the refrigerator? Or what about all those mornings when you woke up with scratches across your body in an obvious mockery of the holy trinity? If anything like this is happening to you, then you may have a rotten poltergeist on your hands. But before you run out of your house screaming or pay an exorbitant house cleansing fee to your local witch, warlock, or priest, read through these helpful poltergeist signs to make sure that you aren’t simply clawing yourself up at night or getting blackout drunk and moving your own keys.

Are poltergeists real? It’s a question that’s haunted paranormal scholars and people who live alone for centuries. The thing that sets a poltergeist apart from a regular haunting is that it’s based on psychic energy, which is hard-to-impossible to measure. And as such, any residual energy left over from a harrowing situation like a slaying or a suicide (or both!) could leave a confused presence in your home for years to follow. While there’s no definitive way for a poltergeist to act, there are tell-tale signs that can help you discern whether or not you’re dealing with an everyday electrical problem or a poltergeist that’s haunting your closet. If you’re dealing with some spooky scary stuff right now, keep reading below and see how many of these telltale signs you can check off of your list.

  • You've Got A Preteen Or Teenager In The House

    It's a well-known fact that most poltergeists appear when there's someone in your house that's coming of age. Usually, teenage or preteen girls tend to cause poltergeists because their hormones are peaking and they may be unconsciously manipulating the items in the house by psychokinesis. The most famous of these cases is the Enfield Haunting, a case that saw an 11-year-old girl levitating and speaking with the voice of a much older man. 

    The Enfield case is the most well-known of poltergeist stories, and it hits all of the important points: weird noises, shaking furniture, and spooky sounds. The haunting ended when the family moved out of the house and never looked back. 

  • Objects Keep Disappearing

    If you notice things in your home disappearing and then reappearing randomly, then you may be in the early throes of a poltergeist infestation. While this occurrence isn't as scary as it might sound, it could be a precursor to a malicious entity that's testing its boundaries. A couple who had just moved into a place noticed that their ID cards were going missing about a month into their stay at their new residence.

    If things around your house start disappearing, don't freak out yet, you might simply be experiencing disappearing object phenomenon

  • Household Items Are Levitating

    So, if your cell phone and favorite shoes keep disappearing, then you're still running a 90% chance of not having a poltergeist, but if those same things start levitating in front of you, you probably have a poltergeist on your hands. In 2016, a family in Scotland was scared out of their homes when their chihuahua started levitating.

    You guys, that dog didn't sign up to be floated across the room like a bad special effect in one of the films in the Scary Movie franchise. 

  • Your House Smells Weird

    Do you have a weird smell in only one room in your house? Have you triple checked to make sure it's not a rotting mouse or an old sandwich that you left under the air vents? If so, then there's a good chance that there's a poltergeist haunting your home. According to a family in Kent, England, a poltergeist was haunting their home - specifically a room on the second floor that had a weird smell.

    The lady of the house said the final straw came when she heard a growling sound in the hallway. If a room in your house smells funny, it might be time to ignore your mortgage or lease and move right on out. 

  • Poltergeists Mess With Your Electric Bill

    Why do ghosts and poltergeists love to mess with electronics? Are they angry that they perished before they had a chance to stand in line for a new iPhone? Do they simply not understand that their kinetic energy shorts everything out that they come into contact with? Aside from televisions turning on and off like you might have seen in a specific film about poltergeists directed by Tobe Hooper, they've been known to completely blow things up when they get aggravated.

    One story from Berry Hill, OK, in 1958 tells of a $1,300 electric organ that "got all churned up" without being plugged in. The repairman of a Tulsa music store said it looked as though “a bear had walked around” inside the organ. Ghost bears? No, thank you. 

  • Power Surges Randomly Turn Appliances On

    This is one of those things that could either be a poltergeist or a very real electrical problem that you need to get taken care of immediately. If your stove or TV keeps turning on at random intervals, it's probably best to treat it like a very real problem so your house doesn't burn down - there's something seriously wrong with your electricity. If you get the problem checked out and everything's fine but your TV keeps turning on and off at random intervals, you may need to go down to your local library.

    Once you get there, check out some microfiche about whether or not someone was slain in your house before you moved in. Because you probably have a poltergeist.