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PolyGram Filmed Entertainment Movies List

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List of PolyGram Filmed Entertainment movies, listed alphabetically with film trailers when available. PolyGram Filmed Entertainment has produced some popular movies, so film buffs can use this list to find a few that they haven't already seen. This best PolyGram Filmed Entertainment movies list displays shorts as well as feature films made by PolyGram Filmed Entertainment, including theatrical releases, limited releases, and made-for-TV PolyGram Filmed Entertainment movies.

The list you're viewing contains movies like The Big Lebowski and Batman.

If you want to answer the questions, "What movies did PolyGram Filmed Entertainment produce?" and "What films did PolyGram Filmed Entertainment distribute?" then this list can help you out.
  • A Chorus Line

    A Chorus Line

    Michael Douglas, Audrey Landers


    Directed byRichard Attenborough

    A Chorus Line is a 1985 American musical film directed by Richard Attenborough, starring... more on Wikipedia

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  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London

    Jenny Agutter, Frank Oz


    Directed byJohn Landis

    An American Werewolf in London is a 1981 horror comedy film written and directed by John... more on Wikipedia
  • Backbeat


    Stephen Dorff, Jennifer Ehle


    Directed byIain Softley

    Backbeat is a 1994 Anglo-German drama film directed by Iain Softley. It chronicles the early... more on Wikipedia

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  • Barb Wire

    Barb Wire

    Pamela Anderson, Clint Howard


    Directed byDavid Hogan

    Barb Wire is a 1996 American action-science fiction film based on the Dark Horse comic book... more on Wikipedia
  • Batman


    Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger


    Directed byTim Burton

    Batman is a 1989 American superhero film directed by Tim Burton, based on the DC Comics... more on Wikipedia

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  • Batman Forever

    Batman Forever

    Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore


    Directed byJoel Schumacher

    Batman Forever is a 1995 American superhero film directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by... more on Wikipedia

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  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns

    Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken


    Directed byTim Burton

    Batman Returns is a 1992 American superhero film, directed and produced by Tim Burton, based... more on Wikipedia

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  • Bean


    Burt Reynolds, Sandra Oh


    Directed byMel Smith

    Bean, also known as Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie or Mr. Bean: The Movie is a 1997 feature... more on Wikipedia

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  • Boys


    Winona Ryder, John C. Reilly


    Directed byStacy Cochran

    Boys is a 1996 American film starring Winona Ryder and Lukas Haas. The film was originally... more on Wikipedia

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  • Breakdown


    Kurt Russell, Kathleen Quinlan


    Directed byJonathan Mostow

    Breakdown is a 1997 American thriller film, written and directed by Jonathan Mostow. The film... more on Wikipedia

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  • Canadian Bacon

    Canadian Bacon

    Dan Aykroyd, John Candy


    Directed byMichael Moore

    Canadian Bacon is a 1995 comedy film which satirizes Canada–United States relations along the... more on Wikipedia
  • Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

    Chicago Joe and the Showgirl

    Kiefer Sutherland, Patsy Kensit


    Directed byBernard Rose

    Chicago Joe and the Showgirl is a 1990 British crime drama film directed by Bernard Rose and... more on Wikipedia
  • Clue


    Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd


    Directed byJonathan Lynn

    Clue is a 1985 American ensemble mystery comedy film based on the board game of the same... more on Wikipedia

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  • Dead Man Walking

    Dead Man Walking

    Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon


    Directed byTim Robbins

    This film is a 1995 American drama film starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, and co-produced... more on Wikipedia

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  • Down by Law

    Down by Law

    Tom Waits, Ellen Barkin


    Directed byJim Jarmusch

    Down by Law is a 1986 black-and-white independent film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch.... more on Wikipedia

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  • Drop Dead Fred

    Drop Dead Fred

    Phoebe Cates, Rik Mayall


    Directed byAte de Jong

    This film is a 1991 British-American fantasy comedy film directed by Ate De Jong, produced by... more on Wikipedia

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  • Eddie


    Donald Trump, Dennis Rodman


    Directed bySteve Rash

    Eddie is a 1996 comedy film starring Whoopi Goldberg and Frank Langella. The film barely broke... more on Wikipedia

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  • Elizabeth


    Cate Blanchett, Daniel Craig


    Directed byShekhar Kapur

    Elizabeth is a 1998 biographical film written by Michael Hirst, directed by Shekhar Kapur, and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Endless Love

    Endless Love

    Tom Cruise, Brooke Shields


    Directed byFranco Zeffirelli

    Endless Love is a 1981 romantic drama film directed by Franco Zeffirelli starring Brooke... more on Wikipedia

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  • Fargo


    Steve Buscemi, William H. Macy


    Directed byEthan Coen, Joel Coen

    Fargo is a 1996 American neo-noir dark comedy crime film written, produced, edited, and... more on Wikipedia

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  • Flashdance


    Jennifer Beals, Lee Ving


    Directed byAdrian Lyne

    Flashdance is a 1983 American romantic drama film directed by Adrian Lyne. It was the first... more on Wikipedia
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell


    Directed byMike Newell

    This film is a 1994 British romantic comedy film directed by Mike Newell. It was the first of... more on Wikipedia
  • Foxes


    Jodie Foster, Laura Dern


    Directed byAdrian Lyne

    Foxes is a 1980 American teen drama film directed by Adrian Lyne and written by Gerald Ayres.... more on Wikipedia
  • French Kiss

    French Kiss

    Meg Ryan, Kevin Kline


    Directed byLawrence Kasdan

    French Kiss is a 1995 American romantic comedy film directed by Lawrence Kasdan and starring... more on WikipediaAmazon_watch buy button

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  • Ghost in the Shell

    Ghost in the Shell

    Maaya Sakamoto, Akio Ōtsuka


    Directed byMamoru Oshii

    Ghost in the Shell is a 1995 anime science fiction film based on manga of the same title by... more on Wikipedia

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