TV Characters Way Too Poor To Realistically Afford Their Lifestyles

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Vote up the television characters who can't possibly afford to live the way they do based on their occupations.

When you're sitting through the best TV shows to speed watch, it’s natural to suspend disbelief. So when a TV character obviously can't afford the beautiful home they live in, you may not notice at first. After all, you’re basically taking a short break from real life to enjoy the drama of fictional characters, so you don’t necessary expect their lives to be 100% realistic. There are plenty of cases where characters are obviously bad at their jobs, such as fictional TV writers who are terrible at writing, and no one bats an eye.

But sometimes, screenwriters and creators push things way too far, especially when it comes to practical stuff like explaining how characters can manage to live in high-cost neighborhoods and buy expensive clothes when they’re supposed to be struggling with cash. How can Carrie Bradshaw afford to live in Manhattan while all she does is write a weekly column, for crying out loud? It can be frustrating to watch a TV character who is supposed to be poor sport a designer jacket while living in a spacious loft in Brooklyn like it’s no big deal. TV creators sometimes come up with a gimmick that explains their lavish lifestyle, which usually involves a spectacular apartment being rent controlled (as if).

Honestly, seeing your favorite characters struggling to make rent while sipping pricey cocktails, having extensive wardrobes, and brunching like there’s no tomorrow is distracting and can rob you of the pleasure of truly enjoying the show. If you can’t go out and blow your entire paycheck on fancy shoes and a lavish night out, console yourself with the fact that some of your favorite characters would be financially ruined in reality. Then check out this list and vote up the TV characters who shouldn't be able to afford their lifestyles.