This Artist Will Transport You To A '90s Pop Culture Apocalypse

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Let the enthralling, environmental, and slightly existential art of Filip Hodas take you into an apocalyptic art world of epic proportions. Through an array of pop culture apocalypse fan art, Hodas takes nerds on a journey to the far, far future - a future that any geek who plays post-apocaltypic games like Fallout will find familiar for their visual richness and overhead sense of dread. Through Hodas's pop culture apocalypse fan art, beloved icons of gamers and geeks alike turn to dust, gather rust, and fuse with the land as it reclaims these characters as its own.Placing both viewers and modern symbols of fandom deep in a world where pop culture is obsolete and discarded, fan art by Filip Hodas displays an introspective and enticing outlook on the nature of mass media as well as its future. 

Tangled in a mess of ever-expanding foliage and submerged in a spew of overgrown swamps, these decrepit symbols of fandoms past wither away, ultimately transforming once famous symbols and visages into empty vessels made useless by time. Apocalyptic art may not show the most uplifting images, but this quality serves to make them all the more compelling.