Badland Models Transforms Pop Culture Icons Into Mad Max-Style Bandits

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Vote up the pop culture characters you'd want on your side during the apocalypse.

Imagine your favorite cartoon characters - the Disney characters that give you warm, fuzzy bubbles inside and the Pokémon you remember as your best friends from your nerdy childhood. Now throw them directly into the middle of the apocalypse, and you get the work of Badland Models.

Japanese artist Y. Nakajima, AKA Badland Models, makes models of iconic characters in Mad Max style. Nakajima takes legendary characters from an array of Japanese and American series and throws them directly into the middle of a dingy desert hellscape. The artist takes what were once cute and nostalgia-inducing action figures and modifies them to be realistic and creepy apocalypse toys. Badland Models will both inspire and haunt you with dirty, badass renditions of models of characters in the apocalypse.

  • 1. Dastardly Disney Destroyers

    Dastardly Disney Destroyers
    Photo: Y_NAKAJIMA
    134 votes
  • 2. Mad Duck Donnie

    98 votes
  • 3. A Hardcore Honey Bear

    A Hardcore Honey Bear
    Photo: Y_NAKAJIMA
    116 votes
  • 4. Beware Of The Rat

    Beware Of The Rat
    Photo: Y_NAKAJIMA
    89 votes
  • 5. An Outcast Among Outcasts

    An Outcast Among Outcasts
    Photo: Y_NAKAJIMA
    79 votes
  • 6. Mickey Mouse Becomes A Crazed Desert Rat

    Mickey Mouse Becomes A Crazed Desert Rat
    Photo: Y_NAKAJIMA
    68 votes