Obscure Pop Culture References From 'Futurama,' Ranked

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Vote up the 'Futurama' references that whizzed right past you.

During its nine-season run, the writers of Futurama dropped in as many pop culture references as humanly possible. The show was full of quips, jokes, and observations that related to everything from Doctor Who to obscure science fiction references. It didn't hurt that the writing room was filled with PhDs and sci-fi nerds.

While many of the pop culture references shown throughout the series are obvious, far more are considerably more obscure. You'll only understand a few of these pop culture references if you grew up playing Dungeons & Dragons, reading Isaac Asimov, and watching Space: 1999. Even if you did all of that, there are likely a few obscure references you missed along the way.

Find your favorite obscure pop culture reference below, and vote up the ones that are particularly clever. Check back to see which of Futurama's obscure pop culture references made it to the top of the list!