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Pop Culture Nativity Scenes That Are Way Cooler Than Normal Ones

Thanks to our pop culture-obsessed society, pop culture nativity scenes are all the rage these days. Instead of the standard issue Jesus-Mary-Joseph manger scene that your cat is probably going to ruin anyway, why not dig a little deeper and add your own personal spin to the holiday? Not only are these scenes unique, they're pretty much guaranteed to offend someone in your family. And isn't that what Christmas is truly all about? If you're searching for original manger scene ideas or photos of funny nativity scenes, look no further than this epic gallery.

Whether you decorate your mantle with the entire cast of Game of Thrones or you go with a mash-up of figurines from all of your favorite shows, you will win Christmas with these unique manger ideas. Even if some people in your family frown upon it, there's no denying that these funny nativity scenes are a lot more fun than normal ones.

  • 1. Robot Manger Scene

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  • 2. At Least the Sock Moneys Are Wearing Appropriate Head Gear

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
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  • 3. Christmas Is Coming

    Photo: Imgur
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  • 4. The Dark Manger

    Photo: flickr / CC0
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